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N.B.: Identified below, are the various sections of the 1999 locally modified Conditions of Service Agreement for academic staff.  The Framework Agreement has NOT changed the fundamental Conditions of Service i.e. Sections 1, 2 and 3, however, other sections have already been or are in the process of being updated or re-negotiated as a direct consequence of both changes in the Laws and the implicit outcomes of the Framework Agreement.


THE LONDON INSTITUTE (now The University of the Arts London)







1.   1991 National Pay and Conditions Agreement (Local Agreement on Implementation – 1999)

2.    National Guidelines for the Determination of the Duties of Lecturing Staff

3.    Agreement on Loading – Modified text-Autumn 1998

4.    Salary Scales, Rates, Grading Provisions and Allowances – Modified text-Autumn 1999.

5.    Sick Leave and Sick Pay

6.    Maternity Leave and Pay

7.    Developmental Appraisal Scheme for Teaching Staff

8.    Disciplinary Procedure

9.    Grievance Procedure

10   Health and Safety Policy

11   Redundancy Procedures Agreement

12   Recognition and Procedural Agreement  

13   Agreement on Facilities for NATFHE Representatives


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This section consists of the 1999 Locally Modified Conditions of Service that apply to ALL academic staff employed at the university of Arts London with the exception of those staff who work for ArtsCom and some staff employed in the Language Centre where the university currently imposes worse conditions.