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Website produced and maintained by Ronald E Todd


This web site was produced, owned and is still maintained by:

Ron Todd



I will maintain this web site for as long as considered valuable to all of my colleagues at the University of Arts London (UAL) whom I advised and represented in a union capacity at the University for over 20 years up until 2011.


During that time, I held the elected role of Branch Secretary at the LCC (previously The LCP) for over 20 years; Elected UCU Secretary at the UAL for  over 14 years; Elected Academic Staff Representative to the University Academic Board for over 9 years; plus the single Elected Academic Staff Governor to the Universities Court of Governors for 9 years where I would always represent and speak up for academic and allstaff.





Ron Todd

Now Retired

Senior Lecturer

Previous Secretary of CoCom


E-mail: ron@rontodd.com





The latest information from the current UCU CoCom and Branch Officers who carry out the present day-to-day representative work of the UCU at the UAL can be obtained by logging onto the NEW web site at:


UCU Arts CoCom